Research & Development

Our laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment available on the market, which allows us to conduct independent R&D work and to continuously improve properties of offered films as well as to develop and launch new products. Our equipment allows us to conduct the following tests:

  • LEICA microscope and microtome allow us to precisely examine the laminar structure of films, to identify each layer, either extruded or laminated and to perform precise thickness measurements of each layer. The equipment is also used to analyse gels and film surface quality.
  • A sealing and hot-tack testing machine - one of the few machines of this type in Poland - allowing us to precisely determine the sealing window and hot-tack profile, according to the ASTM F1921-98 standard. The machine is also compatible with ASTM F2029-08 and ASTM F88/F88M-09 standards.
  • ZWICK testing machine used for tensile tests, tear resistance tests, coefficient of friction tests, puncture resistance and adhesion strength (delaminating at an angle of 90º)
  • Opacimeter - dedicated device for testing material opacity
  • Analytical weight scale METTLER TOLEDO
  • Film shrink tester
  • Micrometer with drive for precise measurements
  • Our laboratory is also equipped with laboratory scales, electronic micrometers and a kit of film activation level testers.

For our customers, we can perform analyses of delivered samples, free of charge, e.g. in order to identify their sealability or film/laminate laminar structure.

The picture below shows a sample microscopic view of the LAMILEN® S film laminar structure and LAMILEN® HAO hot-tack profile.