LAMILEN® is a series of 3-layers blown film products used in lamination process.

  • LAMILEN S – Standard lamination film, mainly used as a sealing layer in duplex and triplex laminated structures.
  • LAMILEN ET MD – Film with easy tear effect in machine direction also with high rigidity and very good WVTR.
  • LAMILEN G – Film with high gloss, used as an external layer in laminated films to protect the print and give good optical properties. Mainly used in laminates for frozen food packaging (PE + PE).
  • LAMILEN LTS – Film with low sealing initiation time (90°C) with very high hot-tack and seal through contamination effect.
  • LAMILEN PEEL PE – Lamination film with easy peel effect than can be used to seal to PE or to itself.
  • LAMILEN PEEL PP – Lamination film with easy peel effect than can be used to seal to PP or to itself.
  • LAMILEN PEEL U1 – Lamination film with easy peel effect than can be used to seal directly to PET, PP, PS and some applications with PVC.
  • new LAMILEN HAO – Film with very high mechanical properties and wide sealing temperatures range and very high hot tack, designed for downgauging. This film can be used thinner than standard materials and still keep the same or better mechanical properties. This film was developed using newest and most advanced metallocene higher alpha olefin materials available on market.
  • newLAMILEN RC – Lamination film with open/close effect. Mainly used in sealing with trays, cups and other termoformed containers. This material is the latest development in reclosable films. It's main feature is lack of smell after opening of container.

Standard modifications:

  • AS - antistatic additive
  • AF - antifog additive
  • UVS - UV stabilizer
  • UVA - UV absorber
  • NMS - non-migrating slip additive
  • LS - low slip (higher COF)

If you want to modify one of our products, simply add the modification symbol to our product name, for example: "LAMILEN® S AS" is a standard lamination material modified with antistatic additive.

If you are interested in products not listed above or need diferent modifications, do not hesitate to contact our product consultant. We will be happy to create a tailor made solution just for your needs.