Our company focuses on consistent delivery of top quality products. The ISO 9011:2008 quality assurance system and the HACCP standard warrants the quality and safety of our products.

To meet our customers’ demands, our quality assurance department constantly tests each produced film reel’s compliance with baseline specifications and additionally performs random detailed analyses of foil properties.

In order to ensure consistent quality of our products, all our lines are equipped with gravimetric dosing and moulding process control systems, automatic corona activators, winding stations supporting various difficult materials as well as other pieces of equipment ensuring consistently high quality.

Depending on the product type, our foils have thickness profile tolerances within the range of 2sigma 1.0 – 4.0%. This can be accomplished with appropriate choice of materials, state-of-the-art online thickness profile measurement and correction systems and appropriately designed geometry of extruders and heads.

With the latest production lines, ongoing cooperation with recognized suppliers and long-term experience of our staff, we can guarantee a consistently high quality of our products. The chart below presents stability of the thickness profile achieved on our production line during a continuous 24-hour production cycle, along with sample reports on individual measurements.