COLLEN® is a series of 3-layer films designed heat shrink packaging.

  • COLLEN S – Standard PE shrink film used in light and medium duty applications
  • COLLEN L – Collation shrink film with very good optical and mechanical properties. Mainly used in multipacks of mineral water, beverages and beer.
  • COLLEN H – Heavy duty shrink film used as shrink hood. Can be supplied as shrink hood with weld or on roll as tube with gussets.
  • COLLEN HAO – Film with very high mechanical and optical properties and hot-tack. This material is designed for downgauging. This material has outstanding puncture an tear resistance. This film was developed using newest and most advanced metallocene higher alpha olefin materials available on market. Thanks to its mechanical properties this film can be downgauged in collation shrink applications down to 30-35 μm.

Standard modifications:

  • AS - antistatic additive
  • UVS - UV stabilizer
  • UVA - UV absorber

If you want to modify one of our products, simply add the modification symbol to our product name, for example: "COLLEN® S AS" is a standard light and medium duty shrink film modified with antistatic additive.

If you are interested in products not listed above or need diferent modifications, do not hesitate to contact our product consultant. We will be happy to create a tailor made solution just for your needs.