ELASTILEN is a series of mono and multilayer films used in wide range of packaging and industrial applications. Some of ELASTILEN films are used for our bag making machinery (check here).

  • ELASTILEN P – Film designed for glue covering used as protective film for various types of surface. Film is prepared for glue covering by Mayer bar. Film has correct mechanical and thermal properties for this application.
  • ELASTILEN B – Standard film for light and medium duty applications. Mainly used in general packaging applications.
  • ELASTILEN M – Film for heavy duty applications with good tear and puncture resistance.
  • ELASTILEN C – Film designed fo bags for industrial applications where puncture and tear resitance are important.

Standard modifications:

  • AS - antistatic additive
  • UVS - UV stabilizer
  • UVA - UV absorber
  • LS - low slip (highier COF)

If you want to modify one of our products, simply add the modification symbol to our product name, for example: "ELASTILEN® B AS" is a standard light and medium duty film for general packaging modified with antistatic additive.

If you are interested in products not listed above or need diferent modifications, do not hesitate to contact our product consultant. We will be happy to create a tailor made solution just for your needs.